American Kenpo Yellow Tech.

The Ed Parker American Kenpo Self-defense Techniques(154) as written in his “INFINITE INSIGHTS INTO KENPO” book series

1. DELAYED SWORD (front – right and lapel grab)
2. ALTERNATING MACES (front – two-hand push)
3. SWORDS OF DESTRUCTION (front – left straight or roundhouse punch)
4. DEFLECTING HAMMER (front – right front thrust kick)
5. CAPTURED TWIGS (rear bear-hug, arms pinned)
6. THE GRASP OF DEATH (left flank – right arm headlock)
7. CHECKING THE STORM (front – right step-through overhead club)
8. MACE OF AGGRESSION(front – two-hand lapel grab, pulling in)
9. ATTACKING MACE (front – right step-through straight punch)
10. SWORD AND HAMMER (right flank -left hand shoulder grab)

KATAS – Short Form 1 (Right side:A)

Sets: Blocking Set 1