Michael Jai White

Michael Jai White

TKD Times MagazineI was at Barnes and Noble catching up on my reading. I grabbed a few magazines like TaeKwonDo times, the March issue. Michael Jai White was interviewed. He has studied 9 different styles and systems of martial arts and one of them is Taekwondo, one of his favorites.

He went on to talk about martial arts in general, some of his favorite techniqeus, how martial arts help him channel his energy as a youth…etc.. interesting stuff, now comes the real intersting stuff!!


Michael Jai WhiteDuring the interview, he started bad mouthing another very popular martial arts movie star, Steven Segal to be specific. It was no suprise to me, as Steven is one of the most unpopular(by mostly other martial artists) martial arts star in Hollywood.

He said he doesn’t beleive Steven is a real martial artist, that Aikido is an art form and not really suited for combat. He said you can practice Aikido for many years and not learn how to fight.


Steven SegalNow not being very fond of Aikido is nothing new to me, many martial artists feel that way about Aikido, but in Steven’s movies, I see more of a modern combat version that is more realistic. But what did supprise me, was how he bad mouthed another actor and artist.

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