“I was held at gunpoint for two hours”

Jul 23, 2015 • By

I work at a local gun range in the city of Madison, AL and I’ve had the opportuntiy to serve, instruct and communicate with people from many backgrounds and experiences. I love seeing families and individuals come in and shoot for fun, practice and most importantly in my opinion, for self defense.

As the lady on the other side of the counter was looking at various handguns to try out, she made a startling statement telling me she had been kidnapped for two hours with a semi-automatic pointed at her head. She said she was ready to start learning how to shoot to protect herself now that she’s been able to “get past” what happened. While I was glad to see this lady was taking a proactive stance, I couldn’t help to think that owning a firearm and shooting a paper target wasn’t going to prepare her for another encounter.

self-defencse01My experience as a Krav Maga self defense instructor and having been a former San Antonio Police Officer has allowed me to train others to protect themselves against most common street attacks. My fiance and I are also the owners of Concealed Tactical Self Defense Training & Tactics located in Northern Alabama.

Most people will leave the gun range with a false sense of security believing that all they have to do is “point and shoot”. While news stories have shown this to be true, many others have met a very different type of fate by not being fully prepared. Reality based scenarios have proven to be sucessful in both military, law enforcement and civilian self defense training. As I watched the lady shoot, being given instruction by a very competent individual, I hoped she would pursue additional firearms and self defense training.

For everyone else out there, I highly recommend Krav Maga training from certified instructors who have some experience with violence or handling assaults. Having personally trained in a Krav Maga McDojo with a head instructor with no previous background in fighting, occupational, personal or otherwise, I know from experience how people can be fooled into thinking they are learning “real self defense.”

Concealed Tactical Self Defense Training & Tactics takes pride in providing the most realistic, up to date, self defense, handgun and security training available in Northern Alabama. We believe in keeping individuals and their families safe from harm by giving them the skills necessary to defend against today’s criminal.

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