The Big Samurai And The Little Monk


Here is a great tale from the world of Zen. This little story deals with the reality of responding to everything with anger.

The Big Samurai And The Little Monk

A tough samurai once went to see a monk.

“Monk!” He shouted at the temple,”Teach me about heaven and hell!”

The monk looked up at the mighty warrior and replied mockingly,
“Teach you about heaven and hell? I couldn’t teach you about anything. You’re dumb. You’re dirty. You’re a disgrace, an embarrassment to the samurai class. Get out of my sight. I can’t stand you.”

The samurai got furious. He shook, red in the face, speechless with rage. He pulled out his sword, raised it above his head and prepared to slay the monk.

Looking straight into the samurai’s eyes, the monk said quietly,
“That’s hell.”

The samurai froze, realizing the compassion of the monk who had risked his life to show him hell. He put down his sword and fell to his knees, filled with gratitude.

The monk spoke softly, “And that is heaven.”

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