The Big Samurai And The Little Monk


Here is a great tale from the world of Zen. This little story deals with the reality of responding to everything with anger.

The Big Samurai And The Little Monk

A tough samurai once went to see a monk.

“Monk!” He shouted at the temple,”Teach me about heaven and hell!”

The monk looked up at the mighty warrior and replied mockingly,
“Teach you about heaven and hell? I couldn’t teach you about anything. You’re dumb. You’re dirty. You’re a disgrace, an embarrassment to the samurai class. Get out of my sight. I can’t stand you.”

The samurai got furious. He shook, red in the face, speechless with rage. He pulled out his sword, raised it above his head and prepared to slay the monk.

Looking straight into the samurai’s eyes, the monk said quietly,
“That’s hell.”

The samurai froze, realizing the compassion of the monk who had risked his life to show him hell. He put down his sword and fell to his knees, filled with gratitude.

The monk spoke softly, “And that is heaven.”

Brown’s Karate Academy

Martial Arts Training for Self-Improvement

Martial arts training is ultimately concerned with self-improvement.

You can

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* Become more confident

* Become more able to cope with stress

* Enjoy a common activity with others

Our school provides this and more for both children and adults.

Give yourself a chance to experience the most comprehensive training program offered by the area’s only Master level instructor.

We offer traditional karate lessons, traditional karate weapons training, and submission grappling classes.

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Perseverance in the Martial Arts


The study of martial arts encompasses many things – some physical and some mental.

The physical side is apparent to anyone who has watched a martial arts movie, seen a class, or watched a UFC fight on TV. Kicks and punches and throws and all sorts of holds.

The mental side of martial arts is less apparent, but there are many aspects to studying martial arts that are purely for the improvement of the individual spirit, honing the mind in the same way we train our body.

Martial arts have various tenets that all the participants strive to follow – courtesy, integrity, self-control, perseverance, and indomitable spirit are commonly shared by many systems in several countries.

Today I want to discuss the idea of perseverance and why it is critical to success – success in martial arts for sure, but also a transferable trait that will help in life.

Perseverance is defined as “steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success”. It is synonymous with tenacity, persistence, and determination.

In martial arts we strive to have steady persistence in a course of action especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. This is played out in the pursuit of belt ranks, for example, which can take months to accomplish due to the number of techniques required as well as the ability to correctly perform the movements.

Perseverance can be shown in many ways – doing dozens of repetitions of techniques in order to gain the skill needed for the next belt, sticking with class even when it is hard, continuing training after an injury, or staying in class long enough to attain black belt.

And for parents, it can sometimes be making the kids go to class when they don’t want to go – because YOU want them to go and achieve the benefits of training.

Perseverance will allow people to attain things that others cannot!

Join our school and learn to persist and achieve goals that you never thought possible!

Brown’s Karate Academy

Karate Requires Patience


One of the most common questions I get asked by prospective students is…..

“How long does it take to get a black belt?”

Of course, there is no single answer. It can be anywhere from 3 – 10 years, depending on the student – how often do they attend class, how much practice do they put in on their own, and how quickly they are able to memorize and grasp the techniques.

The simple truth is this:

Anyone can be a black belt, although few will make it.


In my 41 years of experience it really boils down to one thing – being patient.

In order to achieve black belt, you have to allow the process to happen. It will happen at the pace you are able to go, and no faster. You cannot cram for the exam or hurry up and learn things or otherwise speed the process along.

It is like growing a garden, you cannot rush the plants to maturity, they grow at the pace nature dictates.

A martial arts student is the same.

Most students don’t achieve black belt, not because they can’t make it, but because they let their impatience win out over their desire to reach a goal. They quit because things aren’t as easy as they had hoped or because an injury slows them down or because they have reached a minor plateau in training.

Remember that patience is the key, and attending class every session will provide the opportunity to overcome the barriers that appear in your path.

Come join Brown’s Karate Academy and see the difference you can make in yourself!