Welcome to Solo Martial Artist, an online dojo!

If your goal is to get your black belt in a martial art at your chosen dojo, school or all on your own via solo home study, this site is for you! If your currently enrolled in a martial arts school, you still need to practice the material shown to you at home, solo(on your own) and this site can help.

Just like the very popular online courses to study any chosen field like Engineering, Nursing, and Accounting, so has black belt martial arts training online become very popular with many styles and systems.

This website is a resource for you to choose and find information to help you improve your training with your instructor or for attaining a black belt via online and solo training.

Resources on Martial Arts;

  • Videos
  • Books
  • Articles
  • Programs
  • Founders
  • Masters
  • Action Stars
  • Movies
  • Organizations
  • Tips, Tricks, and Much More….

This site is under construction, please stop by again!


Elmer D. Garrido